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Years of Expertise


We are experts with decades of experience dealing with the aftermaths of a fire.



After a flood or other water emergency, it’s vital that you call a team of restoration professionals.



When called upon after a storm has hit your home or business, we respond immediately.



When you think mold might be present, it’s important to act quickly.


Has your home been damaged by fire? Have you sustained water damage? Has a severe wind storm damaged your home?

When Damage Occurs…

…the biggest problem facing you is disruption of your daily routine. The objective at this point is to clean up the mess, make repairs and get life back to normal as quickly as possible! One key to minimizing this disruption is the selection of a professional contractor that specializes in emergency mitigation and restoration of commercial and residential properties.

When disasters occur, we provide prompt, efficient and professional service. Our team is the most experienced and qualified in the industry. We have certified experts in every area of restoration. Most importantly, we focus on constantly improving the customer experience.

We are in the business of restoration. Our site is intended to provide information about our company, our people, our services, and our business philosophy. Most importantly, it is about you. We want to educate you on the industry and what to expect from a professional restoration company.

Our mission is … “To be the leader in the restoration industry by continuously providing distinctive service, by sharing our passion for honesty, detail and efficiency and by building long-term relationships with our customers.”

The BKA Commitment

We Work For You…

…the property owner. Each day restoration projects are carefully monitored to meet high standards of quality control and to confirm customer approval and satisfaction. We believe that prompt, personal and quality service are attributes that set us apart from the rest.

We understand…

… the meaning of a well-coordinated property restoration project.

About Us

BKA Restoration is a Response Team 1 company and we are committed to helping people get life back to normal after a disaster. With 25 offices in 12 states, Response Team 1 provides quality residential and commercial property restoration and renovation services nationwide. To learn more visit www.responseteam1.com.